Parking Information for the Syracuse International Airport ( NY )

SYR Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Located in the same location as the old Observation Area, the Cell Phone Lot gives drivers picking up passengers a place to wait without blocking the curb line in front of the main terminal.

Improving Traffic & Reducing Congestion

By using the Cell Phone Lot, guests can improve the flow of traffic and reduce congestion, particularly during peak periods.

Free to Use, with no cost to park

There is no charge to park in the Cell Phone Lot, and anyone wishing to continue to use it as an observation area is free to do so.

Drivers must stay with their vehicle at all times

Drivers are required to stay with their vehicles at all times while using the lot. Unattended vehicles are subject to ticketing.

Directions to the Cell Phone Lot

To find the cell phone lot, please turn right at the traffic light and follow the signs for “Observation Area / Cell Phone Lot.”

Alternatively, guests can locate the cell phone lot by using the map featured, or by getting directions here.

Employee directing airport traffic off active curb line.
Sign indicating "No parking, no standing. Pick-up and drop-off only."

Picking-Up & Dropping-Off Passengers

SYR Airport now has an active curb line. This means that vehicles are not allowed to stand or park at our curb line and wait for passengers.

Signs are located on the curb line informing drivers of the active curb line and warning against standing or parking along side of it.

Using the Cell Phone Lot for longer waits

We strongly recommend those who are waiting for passengers to arrive at SYR to wait in our Cell Phone Lot – free of charge – until the arriving passengers contact them.

Picking-up passengers

Please proceed to the curb line only when the arriving passengers confirm they are ready for pickup.

For information about using taxis or rideshare services, please click here.