Parking Information for the Syracuse International Airport ( NY )

Frequently Asked Questions about Syracuse Hancock International Airport Parking

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How does parking work at SYR?
Proceed to the open lot or garage and pull a ticket. We suggest leaving the ticket in the vehicle so you do not lose it while away (visor, glove compartment). Upon returning, you will use the ticket at the exit lanes and pay the balance via cash or credit card.
Do you have a prepay system?
Yes, you are able to make a prepaid parking reservation in advance.
Do you need a reservation to park?

No. You simply obtain a ticket upon entry for the parking option that you prefer (garage or open lot) and choose your parking space. However prepaid parking reservations are available to guarantee a space.

Can I make a prepaid parking reservation as a member of the SYRiously Fast Express Parking Program?
Yes, you simply need to remove your device upon entering so you are not charged twice.
Do you have a long-term parking area?
No. Both the garage and open lot can be used for both short and long-term parking.
Do you offer any discounts (military, AAA, etc.)?
No. All pricing is provided by Syracuse International Airport.
Do I have the option to catch a shuttle?

No. Even if parking in the open lot, it’s a quick 5-minute walk through the garage to the terminal. If parking in the garage, the elevators take you to the ground level to then proceed to the terminal. The other option when parking in the garage is to use the two bridges that connect the garage and terminal.

Is monthly parking available?
Yes. Monthly parking is available for $225 a month, with a 6-month commitment required.